About Us

It is not another media house, Spot TV is a dream to create a platform where the causes of real people get real platform- health and education to the problems of potholes and water logging, from lack of roads to scarce of job; the pain and misery of people who don’t count is made to count; many times in the rush of commercial commitment the media becomes no different from a business house.  Away from the glamour world, created in the citadel of steel and glass- this time we are again taking media back to its root, where people struggle for their livelihood, where a victim of crime moves from pillar to post to get justice. It can only happen when we get our strength from the people and we be answerable only to people.

Every one of you is invited to be part of this new movement- here the centre stage will be taken by the common man, its issues and the messages- the media man who gets in touch with the ground, who goes to the places, who talks to people, who holds the camera; the agenda will be set by the ground reporting not by the celebrities in swanky studio and corporate house, this movement can’t go ahead without the sensitive people coming forward.

You always complained-‘ nothing can be done’, support the SPOT TV- and let us reaffirm, it can be done. Come, participate and let us build the world we want. SPOT TV is opportunity to change your world. Show your love by putting your money, come forward every penny counts in the movement- ‘the-Setu’ is being build- very thing is welcome from pebbles to rock.

NEW DELHI – 110075.

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