Rishikesh. The true pariksha is not simply passing a test given by someone else. The true pariksha is when you start taking your own test. The true pariksha is when you start taking your own photo with the camera of your own heart. The true pariksha is when you start checking yourself all the time – checking your volume, checking your actions, checking your thoughts, and checking your eyes and ears. We must not simply rely on others to take our test in life. Sometimes we can fool others, but we can never fool God and we can never fool our Guru. So, the true pariksha is when you start watching yourself, knowing that God and Guru are alwaysw watching you.

There is a beautiful story of a Guru who, nearing the end of his inhabitance in his Earthly body, called his three closest disciples together and said, “I’m giving you a test. To each of you I will give an apple. You must go from here, eat the apple without being seen by anyone and then return as quickly as possible. He who returns first will be my successor. But, be sure that no one can see you.”

The three disciples were each given their apple and went off in three separate directions. After a few hours the first disciple returned, “Guruji,” he exclaimed. “I went to the top of the highest mountain and ate my apple. Even the birds could not fly as high as this mountain; therefore there was nobody who could watch me.” The Guru nodded in silence.

In the evening the second disciple returned, breathless. “Guruji, Guruji, I went into the deepest, darkest cave in the mountainside. There I crawled into the darkness and ate my apple, unseen by any being.” The Guru nodded but said nothing.

The night passed as did the following day, but still the third disciple did not return. Finally, on the afternoon of the fourth day, the disciple returned slowly with his head down. “I have failed you, my master,” he said. “I climbed mountains, I swam in the rivers, I crawled into the trunks of trees and into deep pits in the ground. But, everywhere I went God’s eyes were watching me. There was nowhere I could escape His gaze.” The Master said, “You, my child, are the one who shall be my successor, for you are the only one who understands the true nature of God and His omniscience.”

When we realize that God is always watching us, then we will never go astray. That is true pariksha.

Courtesy From Facebook page on HH Swami Chinmayanand saraswati ji